Friday, February 3, 2012

30 Weeks!!!!

It so hard for me to believe that this weekend marks the
"30 Week " point for my pregnancy!! In just about 10 weeks we get to meet this "lil' Miracle" in my tummy!!
It's gone by so fast, I'm so thankful that he is growing healthy and strong, yesterday at the Dr. appointment his heart beat was 148 and we were measuring right on target!!
The kids are so excited to meet him, when we went by the Hospital  yesterday day Liam said " Mama, can we go get our baby now, I'm ready to see him?" I wish it was that easy to just go get him! :) and maybe someday we will be just go get a new baby from the hospital if we adopt!! We'd love to some day!
But with just 10 weeks~ish to go here are some of my goals to done before he gets here!!!

*1. Spring clean our house!!!
         ( it's in desperate need of it!)
*2. Make him a baby blanket of some sort!
*3. Finish his baby book up to a year old,  that way all I need to do it add the pictures!
*4. Buy a few more cloth diapers!!
*5. Encourage Daddy to get the boys bunk beds finished!
*6. If the weather is nice I just might have a garage sale!!

I think that's about it! I'm sure little things will come up between now and then, and I've got a few big things done already.
Here's a few things that I've got done so far!

                                                     Cloth wipes!! I love the Green and Brown!
                                                                    Nursing Smock
                 I had a cover before and always felt like my back was sticking out at church, so we'll give this one a try!

 And it's cute little matching bag to keep it in for the diaper bag!!

 I also made Lanna a " Moby Wrap" for her babies to give her at the hospital. but I can't put pictures on just yet cause they look with me on the blog all the time. but it turned out  really cute! I'll post pix. later of her with it!

Well I'm off to clean house, we have friends coming over for a game night tonight! we love having people over for fun, fellowship and food!!! :)

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