Monday, February 13, 2012

Time is ticking away!

With just 9 weeks to go till our "Lil Mr." arrives I've been waking up at night with all the things that I hope to get done before he comes going through my head, and I pray about it and try to fall back to sleep. but boy! it's been a real challenge for me to not keep dwelling on those things.
One night last week, as I was laying there, Hubby sleeping so quietly next to me and me getting a bit jealous that I can't sleep. the Lord began to do a work in my heart.
" Carra, Do you  looked forward to and prepare for MY return as much as you are for the "Lil Blessing's" arrival here in a few weeks? "
I really had to think and pray about that one and confess that I don't. I get so caught up in the everyday life of a household, and trying to keep life simple that I lose sight of His return.

On our Kitchen wall!
The Lord really made me think and look at my heart... I got up that morning to this reminder on our wall. I see it every day and lots of times too, but I never really stopped to apply it to our lives.
Here's my thought and question for you today... Do you, Are you living each day for eternity, looking forward to His return, so much so that you're preparing for Him?
I'd love to hear how you are going to strive, or you do, to live for Eternity and how your going to Prepare for our Soon and Coming King!!!
Have a Blessed week.

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