Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines day fun!

This year we did a first for our family for Valentines Day, we made a card box, each time something would come in the mail or they were given something we put it into the box!
So when the big day came we waited till after dinner to open it. It was a blast for the kids.

Here is just a few pictures of our evening!!

                                    One of the cards had a puzzle with a message for each of the kids.
They had a great time opening the cards sent with lots of love and care!
Hubby and I got to do a all day date the weekend before and Sooooo enjoyed our time together!!! it was kind of a " Baby Moon" most likely we won't be able to do it again before the baby arrives here in a few weeks!
Hope you had a blessed Valentines Day focused on the King of kings and the giver of Love!


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