Monday, February 20, 2012

#489 Down!

Finally I have time to get the up date up with pictures!!! It's been a crazy week already and I just haven't had time to get blogging, so sorry!!!
 So here is the big reveal of " Project #489! ( really, I don't have that many projects to do, It just feels like it! ) :)
Our downstairs bath room was in need of a face lift and it's been bugging me for sometime now and I just didn't know what I wanted to do to it, and hubby is so gracious he doesn't mind if I make changes to anything!!!

Before... Cream walls and stained vanity.

                                      After!!! black distressed vanity and stained and distressed walls for that "Primitive" look that we love so well! and all for free!!! That's right, I used everything that we had around here at the house, and a little bit of hard work!
                                This wall got a switch up of decorations stolen from other areas of the house!

                                    I didn't do much to this wall just change up the decorations!
We still want to do something to the side doors, but I'm not sure what. I don't want to have too much black and tan, but the brown is just not doing it for me. maybe some new doors if hubby has time!!!
So that was the Big Reveal!!!
We love it, When Liam walked in he said " Yuck, it looks dirty!" and Aiden still says "Yuck" every time he goes in, but really we like it! :)
I'm off to put the kiddo's to bed and have family devotions. ( My favorite time of the day, when we get to hear what the kids thought of our day and what the Lord is doing in their little lives!!)


Genesa said...

Looks great!

Carra said...

Thanks so much!!
It was a fun project. :)