Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Modest Monday!

I'm starting something new, Modest Monday!!! { I know today is Tuesday, but with the giveaway post yesterday I didn't want to post twice in one day! :)}

Modesty and dressing like a lady is so close to my heart. As a  Believer in Jesus Christ I'm a Princess of a HOLY KING. I want my dress to reflect Him and not the worlds standards. And  as a Mom of 3 "Little Men" and a Pastor's wife. 

Don't get me wrong;  I'm not saying that you always have to wear skirts on Sunday or any given day at that.
 But, to dress in a way that what you wear is not drawing attention to your body by your clothes. and at the same time not drawling attention to yourself by your sloppy dress either. But by dressing in a way that will drawl attention to your heart, and most of all your relationship to the Lord. and out of that your heart shows through by what you wear. 

 My goal for Modest Monday is to post what I wear each Sunday to give you some fun ideas on how to change up your own clothes and outfits that are Modest and fun from my closet!

You're going to quickly learn that I'm not a huge spender and that I rarely buy something new from the store. and if I can get my clothes from a Garage Sale, Good Will or a Hand Me Down, that's great for me. :)

Here is my outfit from last Sunday!

 What I Wore

Corduroy Skirt  – I Made out of an old pair of pants!
Long sleeved Striped Blue Shirt  – Hand me Down form my Sister.
White Sweater – Good Will ( For $2.50 )
Brown Tights~ Wal~mart 
Forgot to put my Shoes on, sorry! I wore little Mary Jane flats ( That came from a Garage Sale) to complete my outfit! 
I love looking Lady~like & Modest and yet have an outfit that is just a bit different and fun. 

And too, I love to see how frugal I can be. like this outfit was about $5.00 but I have had most of it for years.  so really it didn't cost that much at all!!

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