Monday, March 11, 2013

Shaklee's Basic G.

Hello!!! My parents are in for the week but i just wanted to share some fun tips with you.
I'm loving all my shaklee products. and a here is just a bit about the Basic G.  
You’re going to love being germ-free with Basic-G. It is a super alternative to using chlorine bleach and other disinfecting sprays, which cost $2.50 for a 32 oz. bottle, where Basic-G costs
$.08 for a 32 oz. bottle of diluted spray (why pay for water when you can buy concentrate and dilute it as needed?!).

The disinfecting properties of Basic-G last 72 hours. This means that any bacteria or virus that lands on a surface within 72 hours of the Basic-G application will be destroyed. Chlorine bleach(which is highly toxic for the nervous system) has disinfecting properties of 1 hour.

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