Monday, March 12, 2012

A Dad and His Boy!

Over the past few weeks Liam and Jon have been working more and more in the "Shop" garage on projects.  Our little Liam is soaking it all in, for his birthday he got a tool bag, that was so cool to him!! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the great gift! :)
 He has learned so much, like how to set and hammer a nail and how to drill with Daddy's help! he is always bringing in something that they have made and wants to tell me all about their "Man time" in the "shop"

                        Here's is the last big project that they finished, His own little Work bench!!
He loves to be "Like Daddy" and Daddy loves to have his boys be like him.
I'm so thankful for a Hubby who is faithful to teach our children to walk with the Lord in his actions and words. And to teach them about things that he loves to do to like wood work!
I look forward to the things that each of the boys will learn from their Daddy in the years to come.


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