Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mother Daughter Ladies Retreat!!

 This past Friday evening Elhanna and I had the privilege of joining our Church ladies for a Mother Daughter retreat!!
We had a blast, our goal was for mothers and daughters to be together and learn about what it was to be ladies in the Lord.
So to "Charm School" we went!!
Wonderful food... to make up demos, table manors, modesty and much more. it was a delightful evening for young and old with the focus on the Lord with about 60 of us in all!

 A make up demo by our head Pastor's Wife and daughters. It was a Hoot! Big sis was the arms ( under the blanket) and little sis was the body and face! :)   We did really have a demo at the end from Mary Kay!
                                                             My baby Girl!
 One of the ladies owns a Beauty salon, and did a giveaway for a free hair cut! Tori's hair turned out adorable!!
It was a delightful time to be together and be in the Word of God and laugh with great friends.
Lanna really wanted to stay the night with everyone else, but I wasn't to sure I could sleep on the church floor, so we came home at 11:00.  :)

It was so good to be together with our ladies and teach the younger ladies some "how to's" and I learned a bit too!
 I'm so thankful for our church ladies and their hearts for their daughters, and desire for them to see godly role models.

Have a great day,

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