Saturday, March 3, 2012

34 weeks!!

It's been a while so I thought I'd share a bit of Baby #4 with you!
This week we are at 34 weeks, it's so hard to believe that we are this far in. and that in just about 6 weeks we will get to meet this sweet little boy!
I've been feeling really good, lots of Pre~contractions and not sleeping very good, but that's pretty normal for me this late in the game. :)
This past week we got to have a unexpected Ultra Sound, and I was so amazed at how much he has changed from our first one at 18 weeks to now at 34 weeks. It's fun to pick out who me might look like and all his little features. I just love his chin! I can't wait to kiss it!
It was fun too, that my parents were in so Mom got to go with me to see him!

                            Love this one, 3D just amazes me. I think he looks like Lanna here,
                                                       We'll see when he arrives!

His little face!
                                                                       The Belly Bump~

So excited to meet this "lil Mr." and get to count his little toes and fingers.
The other day I was a Wal~Mart and this lady commented about how full my cart was with kiddo's, and then she realized that I was pregnant and she about had a cow! She said " Girl you are going to need a Nanny"  and I thought to my self,  "No, just lots and lots of  God's Grace."
It's sad to me how the world looks at families and how we as believers look at families. and the joy and blessings that each new little "Treasure" brings into our lives!
So thankful for this Lil Mr.!!!

Have A Blessed Week!

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