Thursday, March 8, 2012

Loving our Home

Good Morning!!!
This morning I thought I'd share with you a one of my favorite things that help me to make our house a home, and a few of the projects that  I've done to do that!!

I have a new obsession with my little friend called the " Cricut  Cutting Machine" Jon got it for me a few years ago for Mother's day off of Ebay.  I've used it here and there, but just over the past few months I've really started using it more. 

Here's just a few things that I've done in the past few months and weeks!

                                                                  On our Dryer!!

This is Lanna's Room!

 We have a desire to have the Scripture in every room of our house, may it be on a picture, printed on the wall... So to do that I've started using my " Cricut " to help get that started!

I think that is one is my fav. so far as Scriptures goes!!!
                                                      The Fruit of the Spirit on the steps.
  I love it, the kids are learning them as they go up and down, even Aiden knows some of them and it's only been up just over a week!

And I also use it for our Scrapbooks!

I'm doing a post not so much about the "Cricut", but just about how much I'm loving having it to help Dcorate and Love our home!  I wasn't to sure just how much I would really use it, but as you can see I think we've got our $ worth out of it!!!

Have Blessed Week!


Gaertegang said...

Cute, I totally love the stairs!!

Genesa said...

Love the stairs!!!

aje said...

Hey Carra, did you know that your "a" in laundry is backwards??? I am chalking this one up to what I used to call "preggo brain"!!! :) I really love Lanna's room and the stairs are adorable, too! Good job!

Carra said...

Hey Jen, I did thanks.
The older I get the more I "think" I need everything to be "perfect" in our home and by doing this it's always a reminder that "It's just not" and that it is "ok" to have it that way. It bugged me for a really lomg time. But it's a good reminder daily when I see it!!
Thanks! :)