Friday, March 16, 2012

Springs is in our Home!

Good Morning!!!
With all of my "nesting" going on I just couldn't wait to get our spring decor out. And with the weather being so delightful I just " Had" to get things out! ;)

So here is a little tour of what our home spring decor looks like.

                    Love this one!!

       This is one of my favorites too, Cause of the 4 little bunnies and our 4 "lil Treasures" to be! :)

In the next few weeks we'll add a bit more with school projects on the "Resurrection and the Cross" as Easter gets a bit closer!!!

How do you Celebrate Spring and the Resurrection in your home decor?? I'd love to hear and see.
Leave me your blog addy in the comments and I'll come see!! :)

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